Delivering a Whole Lot More

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Photo by Tomas Williams

The perfect example of our tagline, “We Listen, We Solve, We Close”, in motion was a recent deal we closed in Tukwila. My client came to me seeking a solution to a problem — their headquarters facility was in SoDo but more and more business was being generated on the south end of Puget Sound. As great as the uptick in business was, they were losing countless billable hours stuck in traffic on I-5. They needed a dispatch base closer to this lucrative book of business. Sure — no problem. But there was a catch. The client also had a long-range goal of building a new headquarters in the same area. Read about that deal here. What they needed was a short-term, 2-4 year solution; one that would solve the immediate problem while also creating a solid investment return when it needed to be liquidated as they consolidated operations into the new HQ. I found the perfect location — one that provided all the space they needed now, centrally located to all major traffic arteries, and it came with an added major bonus.

In addition to securing a location that was move-in ready for their dispatch center and offices, I also negotiated a deal with the city to lease the land next door. The adjacent parcel was a utility lot owned by the city. It housed a series of utilities with underground access points, but most of the land surface was sitting empty and paved! Nothing could be built there, so the city just sat on the land. What others viewed as unbuildable land, I envisioned as ample parking space for my client’s fleet of trucks. After negotiating the lease, the city generated additional revenue without any additional expense. My client got twice the amount of land, without having to pay property taxes on the parking lot. Best of all, the office space is ripe for resale once my client’s permanent HQ is ready to open.