High Profile Client? Low Profile Deal

Investor and Property Owner
Retail/Showroom, Office, Warehouse
Southern Suburbs
Investment Reallocation
High Profile Client

In the real estate industry, we refer to other brokerages as “competitors”, and while that’s true to some extent during negotiations and bidding wars, on the most part, we work together on behalf of our clients. We typically sit down at the table to negotiate win-win deals for our respective buyer and seller clients; but in some cases, it makes sense to join forces on one side of the transaction. A broker colleague at another residential firm had a client family that only spoke Vietnamese; they owned a commercial property south of Seattle. When their tenant moved out, they wanted to redistribute their capital by selling the property. Our two brokerages joined forces and co-list the property. My co-listing agent was a residential broker; she brought me in as the commercial specialist. The partnering broker spoke fluent Vietnamese, so we could fully learn the story of the property, as well as the seller’s wishes. We found a high-profile buyer, got all parties to sign a nondisclosure agreement, and quickly closed the deal.

A Sidebar About High Profile Clients
Celebrities, business leaders, politicians, and other high profile clients trust City Closers to keep their big real estate deals on the DL. Discretion is critical, especially to ensure the safety of the property and anyone on it. For these deals, I take the reins to keep parties who see the fine details to the absolute minimum. Name dropping is not allowed, internally or socially. When it comes to quality service, we treat all of our clients like rock stars; but for actual stars, we don’t ask for autographs or ask prying questions. We follow your lead with every conversation while leading the transaction to a low-profile finish.