Largest Trades Service in Class Builds New Headquarters

Business Owner, Buyer
Older Building/Land
Business Expansion, New Headquarters Build
Photo by sergee bee

A few years prior to this transaction, I helped my client, a leading HVAC services provider, purchase a building to house their headquarters. Business was so good, they quickly outgrew it, and were eager to upgrade their real estate investment. Now, we needed to find a parcel that could provide all the functional things they need (ample office space, parking, a proximity to travel arteries, etc.), but also inspire employees and customers alike. I soon zeroed in on a location in Tukwila, formerly home to a big box auto retailer. City officials were taking the utmost care to ensure Tukwila properly expanded to become an environmentally-responsible, traffic and pedestrian-friendly, shopping and dining destination. Therefore, more than a dozen city officials came to our development proposal meeting. I worked with every one of them to ensure we were fully compliant with all proposed zoning regulations, including a wetlands buffer setback. Each city department asked for specific improvements which we negotiated into a win-win for everyone involved. These discussions also helped us anticipate future legislation so we could have a proactive plan in place. Today, the new site is in the permit phase, en route to become a vibrant member of the Tukwila business community and a place my clients’ employees will proudly call home. Once they move in, I will liquidate their current HQ to free up funds to offset their development expenses and construction loans.