The Deal Is In The Details

Business Owner, Buyer
Retail, Office, Warehouse, Fleet Lot

There are two things I never do at work: cross my fingers and simply hope for the best. A lot of hustle goes into every transaction; the best way to ensure the best possible outcome for my clients is to watch every small detail, leverage my expertise and resources, and be in front of issues before they become problems.

One of the great honors in my profession is a return client that trusts me to help expand their business. We get in a good rhythm, I know what they are looking for and come up with creative solutions. When my client was ready to open a new location, I knew they needed easy access to freeways and transportation arteries, secure parking for a fleet of trucks, warehouse space with roll-up doors, plus bankable office and showroom areas.

As their book of business expanded in the northern suburbs, I zeroed in on Lynnwood as a potential location for a new hub. An auto shop went on the market, so I swooped in to see if it was a good fit. When I look at any potential property for a buyer, I pour over every detail as if I was buying it for myself. On the surface, most properties are staged to look their best when they hit the market; but problems below the surface can result in costly repairs and buyer’s remorse. That’s why I recommend a sewer line inspection in addition to the standard inspection report. In this case, the former owner was an auto shop, an industry known for potential environmental hazards depending on how they stored and disposed of waste, wastewater and water runoff. Fortunately we had access to Phase I and Phase II clean reports. I personally read the 528 page environmental report on the property to advise my clients of all potential liabilities they may want to discuss with their attorney and bank. In the end, everything checked out and we closed the deal. Today, the location is a thriving operation hub for my client.