Picture This: A First Time Commercial Real Estate Buyer

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Picture This

Your “day job” career doesn’t have to be your only source of reliable income. Commercial investment properties offer a separate income stream generated from monthly rents and a long-term equity build. If you want a diversified financial portfolio, it’s well worth considering. As with any investment, there are pros and cons depending upon the economy, the real estate market and your particular circumstances — but if it’s right for you, you should talk to me!

Quite a few of my commercial clients stopped renting their business locations by becoming their own landlords, some even generating additional income by purchasing entire retail plazas, industrial locations, and mixed use properties. One of these clients operated a family-run photography business. The bulk of their business came from yearbook contracts with local schools; for years, they primarily worked on school sites. Eventually, it made sense from a creative, accounting, and long-term investing position to buy a commercial space. We scouted Auburn for opportunities to house a larger studio, zeroing in on a commercial plaza that was right on the main arterial with great street exposure. This was a unique opportunity to create a win-win since the building was bank owned. We negotiated a sales price within their budget. With several additional retail spaces already leased, plus a large portrait studio, the building is a cash generator too, adding a new subsidiary and income diversification to the thriving family business.