Securing An On-Time Departure

Business and Property Owner
Retail/Showroom, Office, Warehouse
Top Hat, White Center/West Seattle
Retiring After 30 Years in Business
Securing An On Time Departure

Whenever I list a commercial property, I get to know the neighbors. Their insights and knowledge about the property help me find the right buyers for my listing, and in turn, realize the best return on my clients’ investment. Once in a while, these friendly chats turn into new listings. Case in point, Jeff. Soon after we talked about my listing in an adjacent property, he called me to talk about his.

After 30 years in business, Jeff was ready to take off into retirement; and for him, this was no mere metaphor. He had a pilot’s license and was ready to use it for adventures beyond visiting the nearby islands. Selling his business was the easy part, but he couldn’t find a buyer for the commercial property that housed it.

I have years of experience in the flex zoning of retail/office/warehouse spaces and knew precisely which areas we needed to focus on to clean it up, prepare it for sale, and attract the right buyers. Photography for industrial spaces is a bit of an art form because we’re not just selling bare walls and a well-worn floor; we’re selling the potential to become just about anything a business owner would need. Once we sold a potential buyer on the site’s flexibility, negotiation should be smooth sailing. After finding that buyer and engaging in a few rounds of negotiation, we agreed on an acceptable price and closed smoothly.

As Jeff flew off into bluer skies, the new buyers kept their eyes on the prize and launched their business almost immediately after closing.