Overalls Are the New Power Suit

Out of State Investor, Seller
Retail/Showroom, Office, Warehouse
Investment Reallocation

Management is about knowing when to delegate a task and when to do it yourself. As a brokerage owner, I work with some of the best brokers and speciality service providers in the business; but that doesn’t mean I sit in my office all day. When opportunities arise and the situation calls, I get the job done, no matter what that job is. One client had a commercial building with excellent street frontage exposure. When the current tenant moved out, his typical next move was to have a new tenant ready to go to limit negative cash flow since he still had a mortgage to pay. But this time around, he felt it was time to liquidate this asset by selling the space and moving on. I soon found out that the Harley Davidson showroom next door was looking to expand; time was tight to encourage them to expand into our location versus moving somewhere new. The seller was in a hurry to list, so I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. The clock was ticking, so I put on my overalls to clean, paint and move furniture. I was able to bring in multiple offers due to marketing positioning. The Harley Davidson showroom owners toured our space and felt it was an ideal fit. They still operate from that expanded location today.